Crappy Holidays

Like you, The Jerk at Work ® hates working during the holidays. So every year, from November through December, The Jerk emerges from his cramped cubicle to annoy and delight his coworkers.

Ugh! Who fart sprayed the office bathroom? The Jerk at Work®.

Who ate Sally’s lunch from the company fridge? The Jerk at Work®.

Who put vodka in the watercooler? The Jerk at Work®.

Pass The Jerk at Work® around your office like a holiday hot potato! Prank your friends, prank the temp, prank the boss! But be prepared to be pranked back! The Jerk at Work® is a creative and fun way to boost office morale, encourage teamwork and promote comradery during the holidays. No job? No problem! The Jerk at Work® also works in your home or college dorm.

Unlike other holiday dolls, this merry prankster is soft but durable, he is fully posable and he’s non-denominational. He’s the perfect holiday gift! So make it a December to remember, and buy your Jerk at Work doll today!